Industrial PCs and automation: the key to the world of Industry 4.0

When we hear the term Industry 4.0, we are referring to a smarter, faster and more functional production and distribution model. Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have reached a high level of digital maturity and have become the real protagonists of the last decade. Programming, information, connection, automation and Industry 4.0 are the key words of an unprecedented technological and cultural revolution in the manufacturing system that has given rise to a dual dimension of industry: the first one is made up of physical resources and the second one is made up of virtual resources. In this context, the processes of industrial electronic automation are inserted, and today they are capable of integrating IoT and artificial intelligence in an increasingly advanced and effective manner. Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of industrial automation components has taken on an even more important role within production processes, where it has been a winning method of dealing with the contagion and, at the same time, not interrupting production. The use of drones, robots and other industrial electronic automation tools has increased exponentially due to the global pandemic emergency. Companies work in increasingly competitive and global markets, they have to respond to more demanding customers and often have to deal with immense amounts of data. For this reason, industrial PCs and automation are two important resources for working on systems capable of assimilating, aggregating, unifying and communicating information at any operational level. Today, as automation and Industry 4.0 go hand in hand in the business world and prepare us for a fully automated future, the adoption of high-performance hardware becomes essential.

Industrial PCs and automation: the winning card against tomorrow's challenges

The epoch-making changes brought by the fourth industrial revolution and, later, by the advent of the pandemic, make it clear that succeeding in the contemporary market is now reserved for the smartest companies using intelligent, flexible and autonomous machinery. A compact PC for industrial use is one of the most important components for industrial automation, as it is an indispensable tool for the interface between technicians and machines, i.e., for the control of machines and plants. The ability to communicate with an operator quickly, effectively and safely is just the first benefit of an industrial PC, which is designed specifically for the manufacturing environment and therefore it’s able to withstand thermal shocks, electromagnetic interference, dust, vibrations, power surges, electrostatic shocks, water and other types of liquids or substances. The choice of a compact PC for industrial use to be integrated into the automation system is without any doubt an effective and multi-purpose solution for controlling machinery and systems.

Are you looking for a compact industrial PC to install on your machinery and devices? Choose the versatility and security of Elmak

The great flexibility and high performance of Elmak's industrial PCs allow our solutions to fit into any industrial environment, offering a wide range of products that conform to different machines and devices, in often problematic industrial environments. The modular structure allows a high level of product customisation to provide concrete answers to the needs of each specific industrial sector, from food to pharmaceuticals. All industrial PCs are designed for continuous work, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, in contexts where no margin for error is allowed. Our compact PCs for industrial use allow you to control and monitor the operations of machinery with IoT applications and an innovative interface. Thanks to its many years of experience, Elmak will be able to advise you on the right product to meet your specific needs, starting with the flush-mount industrial PCs, which are more robust and designed for the most extreme environments, and the panel PCs, which are equipped with screens to facilitate human-machine interaction. Thanks to different performance classes available, industry-specific accessories and versatile application areas, you can get an industrial PC tailored to your own business.

Industrial PCs and automation, what advantages?

pedIndustrial PCs are true allies in the field of automation and in the challenges of every contemporary digital factory. For this reason, Elmak is committed every day to studying and producing products that are increasingly secure, customisable and high-performance. Here below, you can find some of the main advantages that the adoption of a compact PC for industrial use and industrial electronic automation can bring to your company: High compatibility, thanks to the use of various interfaces and open IT standards; Compact PCs for industrial use that are extremely flexible, customised and built around the needs of each specific sector; Industrial PCs that allow you to manage increasingly powerful machinery, even in critical conditions or with high exposure to damage and wear; Industrial electronic automation with high system availability; Practical and functional access to other components for industrial automation.