Custom PC design

From necessity to realization:
Industrial PCs tailored for your business.

Progetto custom panel pc industriale
Progetto custom pc consolle industriale
Progetto personalizzato workstation industriale

Custom projects
When your business
needs out-of-the-box tools

When traditional PCs fail to fully meet the specific needs of your business, it's time to consider customized solutions. Elmak understands the importance of having tools that perfectly match your business' unique environment and industrial processes. From simple customizations, such as applying your logo, to more complex projects that require designing custom electronic circuits from scratch and integrating complete mobile or stationary machines, Elmak is here to turn your ideas into reality. With experience and expertise in custom hardware, we offer you unique solutions that exactly reflect your business needs and goals.

Made in Italy

In a world where choices are many and varied, the choice of "Made in Italy" carries with it a meaning of quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Elmak, as an Italian company, embodies these values at the heart of designing and manufacturing customized industrial PCs.

Technological Innovation

We are constantly researching and developing new technologies to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions. This enables us to provide state-of-the-art products that meet the evolving needs of the industrial sector.

warranty and support

Our 2-year warranty gives you peace of mind without complex and time-consuming return processes or high shipping costs. We take care to solve every possible problem by aiming to establish long-term relationships with client companies, offering customized solutions that adapt and grow with your needs.

Development phase
How the start of the process takes place


Requirements Analysis

Before starting any project, we work with our clients to fully understand their needs and goals. Through preliminary meetings and detailed analysis, we identify specific requirements and define the optimal path to achieve the desired results.


Conceptual design

With a clear understanding of the customer's requirements, we move on to the design definition phase. Here, we finalize the design details, including the necessary hardware and software components, dimensions, interfaces, and any other specifications required. This phase establishes the foundation for the success of the project.


Prototype development

Once the design is defined, our team begins the development process. Using the latest technologies and methodologies, we turn the concept into reality, creating a working prototype and performing the relevant tests for validation.


Testing and optimization

After the completion of quality control testing, we present the prototype to the customer for a final review. This is the time to provide feedback and make any necessary changes or improvements. Our priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and the suitability of the product to the customer's needs.

Personalizzazione consolle comando panel pc

Production stage
After the design, the reality


Materials procurement

Before starting production, we gather all the necessary materials and components. We work with trusted suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of each component.


Assembly and construction

Our skilled technicians assemble each custom pc with care and precision. We use state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous procedures to ensure that each unit meets the highest standards.


Quality control

Before delivery, each computer undergoes stringent quality checks. We conduct extensive tests to verify performance and proper operation under adverse conditions.


Delivery and after-sales support

Our commitment does not end with delivery: Elmak offers after-sales service, guaranteeing you all the support you need.

Custom projects
Some examples

Progetto su misura PC controllo immagini

Custom PC
image control

Custom PC project made for machine vision system using USB cameras.

Progetto custom valigia militare

Custom PC
military suitcase

PC in suitcase format for military use. Integrated display and reinforced chassis with security lock.

Progettazione monitor custom con consolle di comando

Custom monitor
with control console

Touchscreen monitor with integrated button panel for machine control.

Display personalizzato basculante

Touchscreen display

Swiveling touch monitor with horizontal rotational attachment.

Progetto workstation modulare personalizzata

Wall mount PC

Born out of the customer's need to have one and the same workstation that could meet the different needs where it was going, capable of supporting multiple options: add-on cards, HDD pull-out drawers, various types of I/O and communication ports.

Progettazione monitor custom con consolle di comando

stainless steel

Food industry workstation completely made of stainless steel, consisting of Panel PC and keyboard stand, attached to floor stand.

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