Panel PC with ATEX certification

Technological excellence for high-risk environments
Technological excellence for high-risk environments ATEX Industrial Panel PCs.

Panel PC certificate ATEX

Certified safety
for hazardous
industrial environments.

ATEX certification is an essential prerequisite in industrial environments characterized by the presence of flammable gases, vapors, combustible dusts or the combination of these elements. Our Panel PCs are specially designed to minimize the risk of explosion initiation, thus ensuring, the safety of both operators and equipment. We offer robust and safe IT solutions for industries such as chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical. Find out how our ATEX Panel PCs can improve your productivity and ensure a safe working environment.

Panel PC controlli certificazione ATEX

ATEX Certification

ATEX certification is the cornerstone of safety in hazardous environments. We ensure strict compliance with European regulations, offering reliable and safe products that minimize the risk of accidents. Investing in ATEX-certified Panel PCs means prioritizing the protection and safety of your working environment.

Panel PC ATEX robusti, impermeabili, ignifughi, antipolvere

Durable materials

The robust materials used in our Panel PCs ensure durability under extreme conditions. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, our devices withstand shock, vibration, corrosion and temperature variations, ensuring optimal performance in even the most demanding industrial environments. Your production will know no limits, thanks to the uncompromising durability of our industrial PCs.

Safe connectivity

The advanced connectivity of our ATEX-certified Panel PCs integrate seamlessly into your industrial processes. With steel and watertight connectors, every connection is secure. Connect systems without worry, optimizing information management.

Simple interoperability

Panel PC technology is compatible and seamlessly integrates with your existing operating environment, facilitating connection and cooperation with other industrial devices and systems. Easily integrate our Panel PCs into your existing processes, improving cohesion and overall efficiency.

Hardware configuration

Customize power and memory in our ATEX-certified Panel PCs. An adaptable hardware configuration to meet your every industrial need. Maximum flexibility to maximize performance and productivity without sacrificing safety in the work environment.

for any key area

ATEX certification is the ideal solution for a wide range
of industries operating in potentially explosive environments.

Panel PC certificati ATEX per l'industria chimica

Chemical Industry

Protect your chemical processes with ATEX PC Panels, ensuring safety and protection against chemical corrosion.

Panel PC certificati ATEX per l'industria petrolifera e del gas

Oil and Gas Sector

Meet the challenges of oil environments with devices designed to withstand explosions and extreme conditions.

Panel PC certificati ATEX per l'industria chimica

Pharmaceutical Industry

Ensure safe and regulatory-compliant drug production with ATEX-certified Panel PCs.


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