ELMAK It was born from the experience and passion gained over the years by various protagonists of the IT industry. The ELMAK team, with years of experience in the field of automation, has developed useful skills and knowledge to give concrete answers to market demands, using the most advanced technologies in the field of information technology for industrial automation. ELMAK stands out in Italy (and beyond) for innovation, professionalism and problem solving: whatever your needs, ELMAK is ready to meet them with Custom products.


ELMAK has over time become synonymous with reliability and competence. ELMAK’s technological products meet strict quality standards and guarantee high reliability even in critical situations. The high level of engineering of hardware products, from industrial electronic boards, up to aesthetic components, allows to design and provide always the most appropriate solution, optimizing costs also thanks to the wide possibility to customize their configurations in a highly flexible way. Every detail is studied in detail through the latest 3D drawing technologies. The representation of the finished product is carried out by rendering in high definition able to simulate the actual final result. The customer can then evaluate with great fidelity the solution that is proposed and decide whether to approve it or make changes. Elmak’s staff is always available to provide solutions or suggestions in order to achieve the desired result.


ELMAK based in Reggio Emilia designs, manufactures and customizes computer equipment for industrial automation: Panel PC, Fanless PC, Totem, Wall-mount PC, Embedded systems, Workstations and display and control devices, as a touch screen monitor with resistive or capacitive technology, to be inserted both in the production departments and for office use, up to the realization of monitors and devices for nautical use. ELMAK has always maintained the flexibility necessary to create customized solutions for industrial automation, remaining in time, competitive both in terms of quality and price with its unique and innovative products.