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Communication cards

Multi-protocol communication cards

The range of communication cards offered by ELMAK use differents protocols standard and BUS types, adding to ELMAK differents pc series countless interfacing possibilities. Combination of well-known brand and own developed devices, these cards reflects
high quality ELMAK standards ensuring maximum reliability.

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Ethernet PCIE2000ETH

applicom is a range of intelligent communication solutions, complete and ready to use

Particularly, the BradCommunications™ Direct-Link™ CANopen interface cards are...
Serial interface cards

These solutions are recommended for SCADA/HMI, and customs development which require high...
PCU-DPIO/PCIE-DPIO Profibus card

Particularly, the BradCommunications™ Direct-Link™ Profibus-DP interface cards are...
PCU100PFB PCI Profibus card

Applicom PCU100PFB Profibus S7/MPI Universal PCI communication card
PCU-DVNIO DeviceNet card

Particularly, the BradCommunications™ Direct-Link™ DeviceNet interface cards are equipped with...
PCU1500PFB/PCIE1500PFB PCI/PCI-e Profibus card

Applicom PCU1500PFB/PCIE1500PFB FULL Profibus S7/MPI 1.5Mb, Universal...
PCU-ETHIO Profinet card

Particularly, the Direct-Link™ PCU-ETHIO network interface card provides high-speed...
PCU1500S7/PCIE1500S7 PCI/PCI-e Profibus card

Applicom PCU1500S7/PCIE1500S7 Profibus S7/MPI 1.5Mb, Universal PCI/PCI-e...
Ethernet PCI-X Interface Card with 3.3 V / 5 V I/O Voltage Support

applicom® is a range of intelligent communication...
Profibus USB USB100PFB interface

The BradCommunications™ Direct-Link™ is a range of automation components